Driving Lessons

1 to 1 Instructed driving lessons with a DSA & CPD qualified instructor. These lessons will build the foundation blocks to becoming a confident but safe driver.


Some of the things you will cover include: 

- Basic and Advanced manoeuvres 

- Dual Carriageways

- Hazard Perception 

- Cockpit Drill 

- Preparation For Theory Test (Show me, Tell me).

Pass Plus

Pass Plus is ideal for drivers who have just passed their test and are looking to further their experience on the roads. Generally speaking the course runs for 6 lessons.


Pass Plus covers: 

- Motorway Driving - full  licence

- All Weather Conditions

- Night Driving

- Rural Driving

- City Driving

In addition to gaining more experience, Insurance companies look favourably at drivers who have the pass plus qualification, which could lead to a discount on your insurance!  

Motorway Lessons

Due to new government legislation, from the 4th June 2018, learner drivers are allowed onto the Motorway accompanied by an instructor. 

These lessons aim to educate drivers about motorway driving, motorway safety and improve overall confidence on motorways. 

With more and more drivers on the roads every year, learning to drive safely and effectively on motorways is a key skill for any driver to have.


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